Making something positive out of frustration

In Italy you have lots of bureaucracy. It can be very frustrating to do things the official way. As a class we have discussed and witnessed firsthand some of the frustration of bureaucracy: IUAV website; bad studio furniture; renting out equipment; trying to make the Exquisite Corpse project with the whole class when the whole class is never in one place at one time; being constantly interrupted by each other as we are making the Exquisite Corpse project, not being able to realize an idea; noisy studio?

To begin the project, please research on the web a positive outcome from a frustrating moment. Email me a link and I will compile the links on the website.

- Egon Schiele - Hail to the Thief album by Radiohead - Art must be beautiful by Marina Abramovic - - Take care of yourself (showed at Venice Biennale 2007) by Sophie Calle - A blog about your personal experience, by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher - Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody? directed by Miguel Arteta, written by Miranda July - Design Polite rejected projects - Eco-Urban Network
- Kitesurfing and sea life
- Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
- Bruce Nauman
- Chocolate Fountain - Teleportation
- A movie with morgan freeman and jack nicholson "the bucket list", in italian "non è mai troppo tardi" where the two main actors, sick persons with malignant tumour, decide to realize their main dreams before to die.
- Right on Queue
- The Persistent Queue
- Ceal Floyer
- A fantastic and deep documentary realized by Alina Marazzi
- An easy and cheap way to resolve the problem of traveling with not a lot of money
- A new way to spend money in a ethical way, for the everyday shopping
- A way to recycle all the flip flops that the sea transports on the beaches in Africa
- Tarte Tatin
- Giorgio Gaber
- One Red Paperclip
- Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
- Simona Atzori
- Art Fry co-creator of the Post-it note
- Nan Goldin
- Tarnation (documentary film by Jonathan Caouette)
- Yang Zhenzhong