Project one
photographic portrait

Project two
repair something broken

Project three
An alternative to organize things by principle





as it is/alphabetic initial/lenght

Project four
thank you picture

invisible child

red scale

camera strap

strap in love

answer to dan!
by Marialetizia, Martin and Silvia

Tuesday 13 May 2008 at 6 pm,
in the studio of Magazzini Ligabue
Daniel Eatock said to his class:

"This studio is dead!
I come here and i don't like to work in this studio!
I'm not the teacher that say "yes or no" to yours projects!
I don't want questions, I want answers from you!
If you don't understand what I said, 'couse in english.. please ask me to repeat!
Everybody always say "yes, yes" like sheeps.
I don't want a class of sheeps!
There is an incredible gap among the other universities and colleges,
IUAV needs to kick the ass to go on, bridge this gap!
I want to bridge this gap with you!
Flavia and me, are here for you!
First of all we are here because we want to stay here!
You can make use of it!
Every day the same people came to talk with me, and the rest stay all around..

It's ok, we can restart from now
and make brilliant project, I believe in it."

After this provocation the students feel like upset
'couse the iuav students have always had
an assignment from the teacher to do.
So they try to change their studio to make it alive
and think of the projects
in a more interesting way!

Daniel and Flavia:
we are very happy to have you in this time!
with you we have discovered that the studio could be a real team
where we make ideas grow, sharing and learning together!

this is a stop motion that underlined the most important points of dan's provocation
actually this is the screen saver for dan's laptop
to remember him that we are ready to go on, with entusiasm!

Kick ass!!

monster eatock arrives at iuav.
he frightens the students to death, and scares them to wake up!
the students run out saying "yes, yes" like sheeps
super flavia arrives and kick the sheeps into the eatock's mouth,
monster EATs them until it explodes..
from the monster come out a balloon - the result -
the best of Iuav's students
super flavia brings the super body to eatock
they exchange their heads
they follow and protect the iuav baloon
the baloon reaches other univeristies (bridge the gap)
stopped by a big cloud,
super eatock and super flavia decide to stay
with the iuav baloon and help it to pass the cloud
and go up to the sky (with the brilliants projects)

Abake project
project realized with Sabrina Moretto e Silvia Schiaulini

Girls Eyes Open
Boys Eyes Open