Project 1
Self portrait

Project 2
>> My Task: Make the same thing 1000 times
Daniel told me that this task would be pretty interesting if it could give a final result, and I agree with him. So I initially worked with 5 transparent sheets: each sheet contains 200 random lines, one different colour per sheet, so that I could play with overlaps to obtain vary results.

Step 1: 200 random lines on 5 transparent sheets

Step 2: 200 random lines on 5 transparent sheets broken in 1000 square pieces. I updated the project working with my transparent sheets, cutting them and obtaining 1000 square pieces to investigate about patterns and overlaps with:
? colour association
? shapes
? repetition

Project 4

Thank you picture 1
Title: wanna escape

Thank you picture 2
Title: A wood giant fell in the canal

Thank you picture 3
Title: Talking chairs

Camera strap

No smoking sign
>> I worked especially on the shape that usually comes with the cigarette - it's always a circle with a bar, the occidental symbol for prohibition. I tried to simplify it by the use of the bar only that, associated with the cigarette illustration, creates a 'X' - another occidental symbol for prohibition or negation. I worked without text to try being comprehensible without it as well.