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Represent our class

The project that you can see above is a representation of our class.
We think, see, smell, talk and feel.
We are a group of people that creates one unique thing.

During the first lesson's week I had also took 10 photos of my classmates that shows some common things. You can see them below in the photo's section.

Project two
Resolve an ongoing problem

Our tables' projects (done during the first lesson day)

My tables' project


I asked to my classmates to send me an email with their favourite sentence about communication. Then I printed them and I decorated our studio?s tables. They could give some interesting ideas or inspirations to our work.

- Il mondo va manipolato e non consumato passivamente
- Pisa?s Tower?and if it was right?
- Think ? Connect
- C?è al mondo una sola cosa peggiore del far parlare di sé: non far parlare di sé
- I don?t know where I?m going but I?m on my way (Alan Fletcher)
- The medium is the message (McLuhan)
- La tecnica rende liberi (Morgan Castoldi)
- First brain than computer (Polistudio)
- Nulla die sine linea (Plinio il vecchio)
- You can find inspiration everywhere
- Puntje van mijn tong (fiammingo = ce l'ho sulla punta della lingua)
- Mitä teet keskiviikkona? (finlandese = cosa farai mercoledì?)
- Vero artista è colui che trova il giusto tempo delle cose e sa delimitare il giusto spazio dove lasciarle
- Verba manent
- Do the right thing (Spike Lee)
- Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.
- L?estetica vince la miseria (Bruno Munari)
- It?s not all doing what you love, but also loving what you do (Emma Megitt)
- Therefore, send not to know for whom the bells tolls. It tolls for thee (J. Donne)
- It is easier to talk than to listen
- Graphic design is the intersection point between art and communication (Philippe Apeloig)
- Good graphic design is the result of the endless search for beauty in things (Buro Fur Form)
- Make it as simple as it can be (Extra Design)
- L?uovo ha una forma perfetta benchè sia fatta con il culo (Bruno Munari)
- We must infuse matter with spirit (Gudmundur Oddur Magnùsson)
- Our goal for the future will be to touch somebody?s heart with design (Stefan Sagmeister)
- Visual communication is soulfood for the mind (Research Studio)
- Graphic design is a meta-language that can be used ti magnify. Obscure, dramatize, or re-direct words and images. It can be powerful, elegant, banal, or irrilevant. It's not inherently anything at all, but pure potential (J. Abbott Miller)
- Se qualcosa non vale la pena di essere fatta, vale la pena di farla bene (Francesco Messina)
- Zig zag nel caos
- Quando qualcuno dice: questo lo so fare anch?io,vuol dire che lo sa rifare, altrimenti lo avrebbe giá fatto prima (Bruno Munari)
- Nothing is a concept

Project three

Usually skaters are creative people but their style is strongly influenced by the main brands like Etnies, DC, Globe and so on.
My task is to project some products for skaters that let them to express their own style in some original and simple ways (for eg. with a drawing or showing their bruises).
I have called this work skatebooth because I want to give the idea of something original that you can buy at a low price in a place frequented by skaters, like open spaces or rock events. You can also make these things by yourself.

T-board - design-cancel-redesign the graphic of your T-shirt thanks to the plastic deck sticked on it. The top of the deck is on the shirt's front, the underneath of the deck is on its back.

Stick Skate Shirt - a piece of transfer print paper where there are some pictures. Cut the pictures and create your own composition. Then iron your graphic on a white T-shirt to personalize it.

Maskshirt - take a white T-shirt, some drawing pens for cloth and a piece of paper. Create some masks and some shapes. Tear out the shapes and use them too like some masks. Create your own composition and draw it on the white T-shirt with the drawing pens for cloth using the masks.

T-repair - this is a T-shirt with a lot of pockets where there is the equipment to repair your skateboard. You can easily find them because of the graphic of the shirt. There is a skateboard's shape. All the pockets are placed on the right skateboard's part with the right tool to repair it.

Skate menu - this is a deck where all the ways to use your skateboard are indicated. There are simple and short sentences that explain the deck's functions. For eg. "go forward" is wrote on the deck's nose, "brake" is wrote on the deck's tail.

Bruise's safeshow - You know, skaters are proud to have a lot of bruises. In fact they call them their own natural tattoos. But sometimes you'd better wearing some protections. How can you show your fantastic bruises with them? Bruise's safeshow is the answer: they are protections with a lot of bruises printed on them.

No roll wheels

Skatebooth's postcard

I'm wearing the crash helmet, Sir!

# for skater

# for cyclist

# for scooter

# for motorcycle

Holley portrait

No smoking sign

Opposite approach


I have designed 10 T-shirt that children and teenagers can wear without worry about get dirty. In fact, thanks to the dirty texture all the stains are camouflaged. You can see the DIRT-SHIRTS below in photo's section.