Exquisite Corpse
Collective authorship
One part of a whole
Chain reaction
One thing leading to another

According to the register we have 20 workshop participants. We would like each participant to invent a project based on the ?Exquisite Corpse? principle, that involves each individual from the group to make one part of a larger whole.

Each person is asked to initiates a project that relies on a collective contribution from the rest of the group. Please remember that as well as initiating a project, you will be responsible to contribute to the other projects. Consider carefully what you ask of others before beginning.

The outcome will be 20 projects each composed of 20 contributions.

You are asked to be inventive using only the principles of ?Exquisite Corpse?. The mediums and way of collaborating from the group are open.

This project has been set in response to Benedetta?s informal work made during the Studio Reading Day. Each collaborator adds to the composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by seeing the end of what the previous person contributed.

The project enables each individual to make a collective work that employes the whole group.

Deadline: 20 Days / Wednesday 20 May
Presentations to the group Thursday 21 & Friday 22