Martin Polacek

Project 0: Alternative Approach

The direction label "Alternative Approach"refers to the alternative way upstairs the ladder provides as well as the alternative way of teaching
which can be found in the "studio 15". The project was made in response to the Daniel´s provocative speech to the class. We produced other related works as the horror animation "EATock" or the column spiral camouflage to enlive the gray sterility of the studio. See the workshop revival.

Project 2: Design a protest

I embraced "the protest" in a particular sense: as an emancipation of the individual defining his sovereignity against the majority of others and expressing the proper different point of view. The right to be different.

In the supermarkets we are used to find packages with series of identical products inside.
Pure tremendous totality of mass re-production, clons without own identity closed together in a sterile enviroment of plastic coatings.

My concept:
Replacement of one element in the package by a analogical element of slightly different qualities.

For instance:
one piece of knot-shaped pasta in a package of straight-shaped pasta
one piece of dark chocolate in a bar of white chocolate
one roll of rough recyclated toilet paper in package of smooth comfort toilet paper
one slice of whole toast bread in package of white toast bread
one sodden egg in a package of raw eggs
one sheet of square paper in a note-book of clear white paper
one lemon in a netbag of oranges
one garlic in a netbag of onions

The output:
Unauthorized opening of packages and replacing the products brings (not-only) hygienical risks. I abandoned this silly doing that had cost me a lot of money and energy. In the end I left one "corrupted" package of pasta in the supermarket to finish symbolically the project. However I believe that finding these anomalities in the shopping could have raised valuable emotions or questions in people's minds.

The project remains as a proposal of a wide medial campain for the humanity and tolerance.
Private companies would have to be involved in this kind of project.
Communicate to people via the products in supermarkets instead by means of advertisement in the traditional media could be a powerful instrument of the propaganda.

Project 3: Alternatives

I redesigned the EU flag. The continous enlargment of EU borders makes the existing design obsolete. I reused/recyclate the winning project of Rem Koolhas for the flag from the competition in 2002. I played with it's color strips (which represent all the flags of EU countries) to create new forms reflecting the dynamic and problematic identity of the European union.

Serious design - The colors are united in the circle - the symbol of solidarity of the EU members.

Provocative design - The EU among other world super-powers.

Conceptual design - The average color flag, the dynamic star in rotation

Experimental design

Project 4: Thank you pictures

I just pickud up some striking images I took recently in Venice..

Cuddle repression(Venice)

Flourishing industry(Marghera), Infectious advert(Barcelona)

Project 5/6: The Cone Lamp

The Cone Lamp is the ecological light bulb combined with the traffic cone as a shader hung from the ceiling close to the floor. It works as a dynamic obstacle levitating a bit above the ground easy to be shifted away. It's supposed to be situated in rush areas like doors or corridors in order to slow the human traffic down.

The second part of the project is the internet shop & presentation of the lamp.

Project Åbäke

can be found here.