Ivan Provenzale

Project 1, Photographic self portrait

Project 2, "Respond to your environment"

Human beings spend almost one third of their life in a precise place: their bed. Mine is where most of my thoughts start. I stay there and get inspiration from things. I look around, I hear, I smell, I think about myself...and from today, I respond to it.

Project 3, Alternatives
"Clever" is a hard discount company selling food. Low quality, not very exciting packagings. I thought I could redesign pasta shapes to give a more clever looking at the company. We often have difficulties finding cooking time on pasta boxes and to remember them while cooking...

Project 4
Thank you picture

too much wind?


Camera strap

Holley portrait

No smoking sign

Project 5, Entrepreneur
Here is my priceless idea

Project 6, Inspiration bed sheets
Linens inspire dreams by recalling possible connections between form and colour

Abake Project, Human words
Pictures here. Made in collaboration with Antonella Coppola and Anna Meneghetti.

Lectures posters
I tried to explore some relations between contents and writing instrument. Some examples below