Giuliana Tammaro

Project one

Photographic Self Portrait:

Project 2

my task: make a stranger smile

1st step

2nd step

and the blog:

Project 3
Alt. Alternatives

Are you scared by pigeons?
This is the answer!

Project 4

>>> make a no-smoking sign

The braille signs

The rebus

>>> make a thankyou picture

"turn left or turn right?" (Quarto d'Altino 2008)

"Loneliness" (Quarto d'Altino 2008)

"The hole" (Treviso 2007)

"I'd like to find a place to leave my moto" (Genova 2007)

"Structures inside structures" or "The window" (Pescara 2007)

"Someone is looking at me" (Pescara 2007)

>>> take a picture of your camera strap

This is a rebus

>>> Thankyou pictures

bricks painting

openair sittingroom


project 5

10 istructions to produce and sell cheap items