Silvia Schiaulini


Task 25
Wear formal cloths for an informal event

Fascinating errors (Before Digital & After Digital)


Catherine HemelrykCatherine Hemelryk Skype conversation poster

360° stereo poster instruction

01. Take the measure of the column diameter
02. Design your manifesto in a 1:1 scale
03. Draw a rectangle: the base should have the size of the column diameter and the height as you want your poster to be
04. Copy it on its right, make them clash on one side
05. Design a line at 45° starting from the left down corner of the left rectangle
06. Align your entire manifesto to the left side of the left rectangle
07. Make a cut in your poster on the 45° line that cross it
08. Move the part you have obtained on the left rectangle, on the right of the second one
09. Delete all the construction lines
10. Print it in two equal copies
11. Roll them up on two columns, starting from opposite points on the two different columns

Additional info
Plotter printer have usually a 90 cm printing area as maximum, it means that you cannot print a poster for a column which diameter is more then 126 cm circa (?2 · l/2) if you turn your poster 45° left on the printing sheet.

Åbäke Skype conversation artwork (Daniele e Silvia)
Åbäke on air (or helium?)
Pixel, waves

Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development Skype conversation poster

Sometimes coincidence add value to a project.
As Daniel said Research and Development work seem to be a sum of many simple concepts:
The modular poster I have designed seems to fit with these ideas and expecially with this work
I feel it after the lecture.

The fun of failure every day

Today I've learn that ethic in greek means relationship with myself.
Our ethic should begin with a pratic of youself with you.

Project 1+2

Mine is the 25th
25. Wear formal cloths for an informal event

formal: suitable for an official or important situation or occasion
informal: having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature [(of dress) casual; suitable for everyday wear]

So I've done.
A lot of picture of me, dressed in black, drinking beer, making stretching at the park, eating at the school cantin and so on.
Is a dress a way to communicate something?
Does people look me different?
No, they do not.
My autoportrait brought forward, in a sense, the task.

wear and teardeterioramento fisico, usura
wear thinconsumarsi, usurarsi
wear you downlogorarti
wear yourself outesaurirti, sfinirti

The dress does not make the monk

Considerations ----------------------------

Why does the contrast intrest us so much?

Is the choice of clothes a way to communicate ourself?
How is it difficoult, today, keep our personality alive, without beeing sweep away by the current? (overwhelmed with)
The world soul pressed them on every side, just as the atmosphere presses upon rising bubbles, striving to vanquish them, to break their thin envelope of personality, to mingle their virtue with its own.
Edward Morgan Forster

Project 3

Looking around me
only a sandwich kiosk calls me
It want to be painted in blue
Everyone agree except from the owner

Twentysix steps direction sunset
An illusion without pixel
Close one eye
Look that strange creature
half a man

Ones upon a time Sophie asked Paul to design a project for her.
They well known each other.
He responded by instructing her to smile at stranger on the street and to cultivate and beautify a spot in New York.
Sophie chose a public phone.
Sophie surname is Calle and Paul one's is Auster.

Everyone can play, also contemporary artists and writers.

I feel less alone

I love monochrome
We have changed the studio's pervading tone
Two differents enters, also

Project 4

Contrast and correspondeces
colours and forms.
Sometimes to solve a problem is much more easy work on its limits.
I have a camera strap more powerful than the gravity.
I'm proud of it.
Once upon a time there was the digital camera.
No one remember how was it difficoult to take a picture without the finger in front of the lens?
Errors, expecially from the past, fascinate me.

One year ago I was just so different.
An Holley Portrait can testify it.

sure that a ban is really less effective than a suggestion
Maybe knowing that in one year a medium smoker spend 1000 euro in cigarette, could he start thinking to stop?
The volume of 14 cigarettes is the same as the capacity of our two lung.
48,44 cm³ circa.

Data from official legal sales data show that 28.3 million kg of cigarettes were sold in Italy in the period January to April 2005.

A big column dress as a big cigarette
with a small text speaking about data.
or a visual way to put in relathionship the lung capacity and the Kg of tabacco smoked every year.

Project 5

10 x
?t = 9 days = 216 h
?? = 25 ?
argoument to trait if it's possible: time
Auction like E-Bay
Is it possible to invert the price growth in a price drop?
increasing days -> price decrese -> value decrease -> more speciment or a product that expire like food

No solution

A t-shirt having inside one exemplaire all the sizes.

Problem 2
I want all my friends to read Boris Vian's romance.
I don't have it.
I can take it to the library, I can photocopie the 20% of it.
No more than that.
I can give the 20% of the book to each friend and tell all the library which have it.
I can scan all the romance.
I've done it.
Than print it again illegaly.
Boris is death only 54 years ago.
A long book in 9 mt an 30 cm.
you can read it in the bed without turnig pages
so comfortable

also the scanner makes some errors
rn = m
Per =I'm
(I = d
-ondina; = mi
"|' =T
>()tto = sotto
(hi =chi
(on= con
|)avanti= davanti

and then

a t-shirt having inside one exemplaire all the sizes
a vase with red helium ballons (roses are red)
a secret poster for column that you have to open to read it (sometimes making just a different gesture sound intresting)
a photocopied book without title (for the low completely impossible)
a big map made from the sum of 6,6 different 15% maps
a book with the structure of an electrical appliance manual ( it could be reproduce without any restriction)
a collection of picture rapresenting young girls standing alone on a rock, calld Top of the rocks
a poster that explore the time of reading, using unusual languages like dotodot, rebus, find the word etc.
a project starting from pick up lines (like Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk past you again?/The body is made up of 90% water and I?m thirsty/Can I read your T shirt in brail?/Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes)
an advertising video for a video-camera starting from our Photo safari (showing how much more can do a video than a picture)