Every day I discussed with Sara about my project. She had a complete overview of everybody's works and she gave me a real feedback, very concrete. I find this experience useful and positive. I sent her a mail with five possible ideas and she helped me to chose which was the best. She had a very calm behaviour because her real aim was to help people and i liked this aspect of the work. It's strange to discuss with a classmate who really wants to help you: i had the occasion to exchain opinions very sincerely. Her complete vision on the works supported me a lot. Even if the project was individial we consider the class as a studio and as in a studio the opinion of the other collegues is very important. With this project she was a sort of 'nutrient' for me. My project is based on the “give an idea”. I found myself suggesting a good idea to somebody else, while I could have totally have kept it. I was extremely frustrated because this idea I suggested was much stronger than the one I had for my own project, and it was my fault. The fact that idea eventually became a real project almost made me feel like that friend 'stole' it from me, being very ingenuous. My frustration was due to the fact this person and me were basically competing: we had the same brief, same deadline etc… I decided to turn this situation in something of positive, trying to avoid the frustration I encountered in the beginning. I reviewed all of my friend’s works, answered many emails and calls. The outcome was extremely positive: my “competitors” knew I was there for them and I was constantly stimulated, doing my best. It’s been a very engaging project, enabling me to contribute with ideas in a relaxed way. In some cases my contribution was accepted and actually used as a whole, in other cases it was only a little piece of the puzzle, for others only a starting point. Being able to give away usefull ideas really helped me to overcome the frustration, making me realize the only competitor was myself. If I had to repeat the project with another group of people I would use the same approach. I realized I like this could be my task: giving ideas rather than working on my own in some occasions.